Early Losses

I would be lying if I ever said it feels just like yesterday.
Those uniform days of uniform and shoes
Black shoes, white to black, no laces, only straps.

I would be lying if I said I missed those days
Of climbing up late on the yellow-tiled case
Of stairs, waiting outside, waiting to be scolded.
I run back home without worry in the world.

I would be happy if I could go back to then.
The end of those days, the beginning of the end.




Helpless, Less No Help

Reverberating in a cave of sheer, blank nothingness of a
rock, smoothened by the confounded waves of the persistent sea,
gently rising, blasting trepidation and honing claws of wretched fury,
reflecting and believing in nothing to be believed as the distance grows weary.
Kinaesthetically comprehensive experiences shape the seraphic journey of the
lost person whose mind lies unattached and unbroken, wandering freely.

For this is the time where one forgets
What one has done and the other regrets

(Rationality beckons)
Lustrous orbs forming utter beacons in a catatonic cave
of sheer, blank nothingness.

Drizzle Downwards | An Introduction

Hello, this is Rohan, currently a full-time National Serviceman from Singapore, and welcome to Drizzle Downwards, my online literary portfolio. I have been dabbling in the literary arts since I was in Secondary 3, but only now do I take my hobby seriously enough to make a dedicated blog for it. Now, let’s just imagine someone decides to interview me regarding this new creation:

What do you write?

Mostly poetry, and occasionally other forms of literature.

No, as in, what do you write about?

Anything that inspires me. Ever since I started being serious about writing, I have been looking at my daily experiences for the ideas I need to put pen to paper. Generally, I would say that my poetry is abstract, emotionally focused and introspective, but on the other hand, I guess that’s not for me to decide.

Why did you make this?

My main blog does have a bit of my works, but it also has my ramblings relating to my life and my taste in music. For me, that blog is a reflection of me as a person, but I feel that a blog dedicated specifically to my works would help me tremendously in focusing all my efforts. Also, if anyone asks to see my collection, I can at least point them to this site.

How frequently will you post?

I’m ambitious. Once a week.

Can I share your page or your poetry with my friends?

(I’d be flattered if someone ever asks me that question.) Yes, definitely. Please make sure to give credit though!

I guess, before moving on, I have to credit a few people. The few people who know I am a writer, the few people who have read and complimented my works, the few people who want more, who want me to be properly published. Honestly, I appreciate the support and trust you few people have in me. You know who you are. Also, a big thank you to the teacher who gave me important lessons in poetry which made me much, much better at what I do.