Drizzle Downwards | An Introduction

Hello, this is Rohan, currently a full-time National Serviceman from Singapore, and welcome to Drizzle Downwards, my online literary portfolio. I have been dabbling in the literary arts since I was in Secondary 3, but only now do I take my hobby seriously enough to make a dedicated blog for it. Now, let’s just imagine someone decides to interview me regarding this new creation:

What do you write?

Mostly poetry, and occasionally other forms of literature.

No, as in, what do you write about?

Anything that inspires me. Ever since I started being serious about writing, I have been looking at my daily experiences for the ideas I need to put pen to paper. Generally, I would say that my poetry is abstract, emotionally focused and introspective, but on the other hand, I guess that’s not for me to decide.

Why did you make this?

My main blog does have a bit of my works, but it also has my ramblings relating to my life and my taste in music. For me, that blog is a reflection of me as a person, but I feel that a blog dedicated specifically to my works would help me tremendously in focusing all my efforts. Also, if anyone asks to see my collection, I can at least point them to this site.

How frequently will you post?

I’m ambitious. Once a week.

Can I share your page or your poetry with my friends?

(I’d be flattered if someone ever asks me that question.) Yes, definitely. Please make sure to give credit though!

I guess, before moving on, I have to credit a few people. The few people who know I am a writer, the few people who have read and complimented my works, the few people who want more, who want me to be properly published. Honestly, I appreciate the support and trust you few people have in me. You know who you are. Also, a big thank you to the teacher who gave me important lessons in poetry which made me much, much better at what I do.