After the Mists of Yesterday

will the mahogany walls withstand the monsoon strain?
or will they buckle inwards and outwards, beat under strain?

silence. not that of remembrance, but that of hushed opinions.
doors closed like lips, sweat builds up under a tolerant strain.

fellow human, young or old, to you I say, “leave me be.”
like gears to a bicycle chain, control is lost under strain.

clothes drying out in the ultraviolet manifest. it’s burning.
away the stains of the far-reaching spot! reward for my strain.

windowpanes. in low light a figure arises from the glass.
liquid in form, it stares at me. and I knew it was to strain.

pillowcases soft, softer in the night. here I am lying.
ascended, above. this is how it is. for a while — no strain.


A Chemical Overreaction

put equal parts lye and spirits of salt
together gently; drop by drop falling from
an funnel-like sky, changing chemistry,
we were watching the ratio flow past one to one
you screamed — stop — and we were too late
we’ve gotten too caught up in ourselves
(one to one, together gently)
ultimately harmless beyond this logarithm
of drip, drop, drip, drop, done, done! drip, stop!
I thank you for knowing when to end.

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The Understanding of a Friend

The both of us together is a wonder.

Our eyes pierce one another with analytical stares;
It wasn’t a casual glance of generalising scowls
This single moment means forever, we blink and then
the truth sets in, and you approach me silently
with open arms.

I feel the warmth of your dull coloured sweater
against the chill in this cold, dark weather
I feel the great joy of your embrace
against this congestion of bad days

A voice utters a series of words I cannot comprehend.
In the moment, I was utterly lost and struck with pallor.
I found myself saying, “What does it mean?”
“Appreciation.” Yes, that was the answer.

I wish that moment could have lasted forever.


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